Friday, October 14, 2011

Goddess of Thunder

Monterray is the name of this outfit, when you slip into it you instantly fee like you should take your spot on the runway in Milan.  The balloon pants are highly fashionable and don't you love the cut-out of the sleeveless mock turtleneck silk shirt.  The long gloves to match gives the illusion of a long sleeve shirt.  The silk fabrics are adorned with a damask look to it that give that feel of luxury.  Make no mistake you will feel the power of fashion in this outfit.

Please...No More Pictures!!

Isn't it just a shame, I can't even get a little business done without the paparazzi flashing those lights all the time.  I guess they are just amazed at my outfit I got from Prism called Denise.  The pants are made of a nice shiny pinstripe material with a short jacket to match styled with sweater arms to keep me warm on those fall days.  The low cut shimmery sleeveless shirt leaves you in control of any business you may have.  Run down to Prism for your outfit today.

I'm Feeling Ultra Smexy

Is it getting hot in here?  Oh that is just me in this foxy little trick called Lynn from Prism.  This short sweater dress is the group gift at the moment, and my hubbie said the best gift was him seeing me in it!  Run down to Prism, join the group, you won't be disappointed!!  Herra the general manager is probably hanging around to answer all your questions and who knows you might even run into Journey, unless she is busy creating some more FABULOUSO creations for your HAWT SELF!


This outfit is called Laura, it comes in many different colors, today I am sporting the teal and green edition!  Don't you love the way the sweater and long socks make you look all girly with the ruffles!?!  And let me tell you ladies these ruffles aren't sl's run-of-the-mill ruffles.  The skirt is in a soft suede fabric with a skirt prim that can be removed and WA~LAH you have yourself a nice pair of shorts.  Laura will be release in a week or so, just wanted to turn up the anticipation for you. 

Waiting on the Gang

This little number is called Gabrielle, it is another MUST HAVE for those nights out on the town with the girls.  Gabrielle comes with sweater options, the one seen here as well as a long sweater with a turtle neck for those nights that are colder.  It also comes with more selections of fabrics for the pants as well as sweater.  The prim legs may also be taken off if you would like to tuck these gorgeous pants into boots.  Hurry down to Prism and let Journey color your sl world!!!